Spirit of Life Church, Jacksonville, FL
Monday, November 29, 2021
We spread the gospel through love, acceptance, and giving of ourselves for Jesus.
Welcome to Spirit of Life Church of Jacksonville, Florida.   We are a congregation of believers, brought together by our common faith.  We welcome and support all believers, both new to the faith, and new to our church.  You can find out more about our church by using the navigation tabs to the left.  If you have any questions, please send us an email through the "Contact Us" page or call the church office at (904) 757-9114.
Pastor Karen Biggerstaff
Our Mission

We spread the gospel through love, acceptance, and giving of ourselves for Jesus.

Ministry Teams
Pastor - Pastor Karen Biggerstaff
Music Director - Mike Spotswood
Office and Congregation Secretary - Vonda Miller
President - Al Spiecher
Vice President - Debbie Burrell
Secretary - David Williams
Treasurer - Peggy Williams
Gathering and Servicing Community
eCommunication - Kristina Aldred
Community Food Pantry & Garden - Gary Strysick
Fellowship Ministry - JoAnn Strysick
Outreach Ministry - Debby Speicher 
Building Faith
Education / Youth -
Worship & Music - Vonda Miller
Ministry Support
Financial Management - Peggy Williams
Property - Dan Nichols
Brief History 


The dream began in the late 1990's as the people of St. James Lutheran Church made decisions that eventually birthed Spirit of Life Church. It was the dream to build a new worshiping community in North Jacksonville. We began living the dream on Pentecost Sunday in 2002 when we worshiped for the first time as Spirit of Life. Selling the St. James property allowed us to officially organize as a congregation of the ELCA - an event celebrated on Pentecost Sunday in 2004.


                We spent our first several years at First Coast High School utilizing the auditorium. With some administrative changes at the school, we ended up at the Lions' Club on Eastport Road. Our years there saw growth and the start of our Build the Dream campaign as we moved toward having our physical plant. We dedicated our building on Palm Sunday in April of 2009, allowing us a different kind of presence in our community. Service to neighbor has always been a sign and seal of our life together here in North Jacksonville. From the beginning, we have reached out to our neighbors with our spring and fall community events on the property; having a permanent presence has allowed us to expand our ministries with our food pantry, our clothing give away, and our donations of school supplies to our adopted schools- Oceanway and Sheffield Elementary schools.  As we celebrated our 10th anniversary, we planned a number of other activities that help us keep our focus on our ministry goals- to feed the hungry, reach out to youth, and communicate the gospel.  Our VBS planning kicks off each year with the first meeting to set dates and curriculum and we have Sunday School during each Worship Service.