Spirit of Life Church, Jacksonville, FL
Wednesday, July 24, 2024
We spread the gospel through love, acceptance, and giving of ourselves for Jesus.
Praise Band
The Spirit of Life Praise Band consists of many different people with individual talents. There are singers, instrumentalists, leaders, PowerPointers and sound technicians.   We come together one evening a week to practice. 

If you have a vocal or instrumental gift that you would like to use to Praise God with as a soloist, please contact our music director, Mike Spottswood at mikespottswood@hotmail.com
Ministry Of The Sacristans


 We, of course, make sure the basic supplies for worship are on the altar before every worship service, but there is much more we will and would like to do.  There is sacred meaning to nearly everything you see at, on and around the altar (the "chancel" area).  Learning about those sacred meanings and the proper handling and care of sacred items will be an ongoing part of this ministry.  We also hope to work on some upgrades, such as additional furnishings to both adorn the chancel area and serve practical functions in worship, as well as continue to apply our collective imaginations to assisting the Worship & Music Team with seasonal decorations and alterations throughout the church year.  We are, in short, the keepers of the sacred spaces and elements at Spirit of Life.  So any time you have ideas about additions or decorations in our sanctuary, bring your ideas to the Sacristans!  Better yet, come join our ministry and take an active part in this very special aspect of worship.